Why Clients Choose MASI?

  • Commitment
    Access and "hands on" participation of senior members of the firm translates to both a skillful response and efficient results. MASI clients benefit from the firm's significant commitment to providing a broad range of resources, skills and expertise necessary from extensive contacts through sophisticated quantitative tools and computer applications.
  • Control
    Teaming with MASI allows clients to leverage management time and skills without losing control over day-to-day operations. MASI professionals can honestly say "We've been where you are." Unlike firms staffed by "finance types", all senior MASI professionals have had P&L responsibility and operated business units.
  • Confidentiality
    MASI understands that in many cases there is a heightened need to maintain confidentiality because of a client's position in its industry. In that case, careful steps are taken to protect a client's identity during an engagement and safeguard data and contacts created.
  • Success Focus
    MASI delivers a consistent and impressive record of completing transactions. Clients can be assured that MASI's years of experiences generates effective execution.
  • Market Research
    An independent corporate advisory firm that over 30 years ago founded and has lead global investment banking resources and relationships that now span 65 offices with 49 firms and over 750 professionals. This has led to thousands of transactions of which more than 50% were cross-border in the last 5 years.
  • Selectivity
    MASI accepts a limited number of active clients at any given time. This ensures clients receive specialized attention, efficient service, and expertise on each assignment in a timely fashion. MASI uses its resources and relationships to enhance the profitability and shareholder value of clients' enterprises.
  • Fees
    Excellent and professional service to clients is our primary concern. MASI designs engagement structures and compensation specific to each opportunity with the objective of bonding a strong working relationship between the client and the firm.
  • "Virtual" Resources
    With no limit of just the resources of a single office, MASI clients have "on call" several hundred corporate finance professionals located throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Near East. This provides a powerful coordinated network of resources that enables clients' easy and direct access to global opportunities.