Enterprise Valuation / Strategic Planning

The deep well of knowledge and skills of the MASI team are regularly drawn on by MASI clients. Because MASI team professionals have been operating executives themselves and have years of experiences and understandings of many of the day-to-day operating issues faced by our clients, our clients look to MASI for senior level guidance, industry intelligence, and strategy planning assistance.
MASI professionals are "resourced" to:
  • strategize with management teams "how to" develop an integrated growth plan.
  • provide industry specific research and intelligence reporting over an extended period.
  • team with "in-house" corporate development professionals or operating executives to chart the most efficient operating course to achieve a corporate plan.
  • provide an independent view of business unit(s) "fit with the corporate plan".
MASI's services include providing "fairness opinions" and enterprise valuations to clients. MASI's enterprise valuation resources gives MASI clients access to substantial relevant industry intelligence and valuation data.
MASI's knowledge of middle market transactions, through our transactions knowledge, provides expert support of valuations performed. The valuation process can be illustrated as:
MASI Valuation Process
  • Research, analyze and document the economic valuation of a business enterprise.
  • Provide, as necessary, expert testimony in support of valuations performed.
  • Prepare detailed documentation of the valuation.
  • Present suggestions to management for strategies to enhance value.