Corporate Finance

MASI is proud of its history in advising corporate clients and their management teams on the strategies and processes necessary to successfully access, negotiate, and structure transactions from institutional, private equity, or corporate funding sources. These activities are executed with the same commitment to excellence that is made in providing our M&A Advisory services.
In all private placement activities, MASI's objective is to successfully complete the transaction while minimizing the cost to our clients in dollars, in equity dilution and in time to funding.
Privately Negotiated Debt Placements
  • to finance internal growth
  • to finance LBOs ("Leveraged Buyouts") and MBOs ("Management Buyouts")
  • provide the last significant funding for later stage technology, i.e. pre-IPO
  • for specialized needs such as ESOP's ("Employee Stock Ownership Plans"), joint ventures or strategic partnerships
  • in a variety of funding structures from a broad universe of funding sources
Equity Private Placements
  • to create liquidity while retaining equity in future growth
  • for acquisition programs
  • to recapitalize and/or de-leverage operating units
  • to position for expansion or growth
  • for early stage funding
  • to complete an LBO or MBO with the right equity partner
MASI, Ltd., has the experience and expertise to recommend an optimal capital structure and financing vehicle, to secure the financing through our domestic and global network and to negotiate and close the transaction.
Restructuring Advisory Services
  • work with financially troubled companies to deal with the problems caused by excessive leverage, failed acquisitions or problems with shareholders or lenders