M&A Advisory


Skilled and successful corporate executives, in public or private, have gained the experience and knowledge that enables them to manage and maximize the value of the resources for which they are responsible. These executives appreciate the value of leveraged resources to capitalize on market or operational opportunities.

To provide such executives significant domestic and international M&A and corporate resources, skills, and contacts, MASI has created extensive assets in order to be able to deliver a complete outsourced corporate development process. In many cases, a corporate client will have an internal executive who has some dedicated corporate development responsibilities. But commonly, this person is “resource restrained”, responsible for operational and staff functions, or does not have the market access required to easily achieve the targeted results. This wastes valuable dollars and time.

But when MASI becomes an integral part of the corporate development process, the corporate client now has access to MASI professionals’ prior industry experiences, MASI’s relationships, MASI’s data resources, and MASI’s global market reach. This means that MASI will be effective in strategizing, planning, implementing, and executing an integrated corporate development plan.


One of the most common mistakes corporate or individual shareholders make is charging ahead without the sources and advice of a qualified independent advisor. This commonly occurs when the managing executives may have been considering a sale and are suddenly approached by an outsider. A hasty response can cause real trouble down the road and loss of value.

When running a successful business, your customers purchase your product or service because of your unique knowledge, your relationships, and industry resources. Put yourself in your customers’ place and heed your own advice.

The operative modifiers are “independent” and “qualified”. The persons you should use in the divestiture process should not have any vested interest in the process other than maximizing shareholder value using the broadest and most powerful resources. Therefore the independent advisor should have significant transaction resources, relationships, experiences and be currently active in the market.

MASI’s divestiture process is designed to maximize our clients’ shareholders return on investment, maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the process and limit any impact on day-to-day operations.

MASI will:

  • Provide a detailed review of the business unit or units to be sold.
  • Establish a skilled and industry knowledgeable client divestiture team to organize, manage and control the process.
  • Provide resources to properly value and package the divestiture opportunity for presentation to targeted parties.
  • Prepare thoroughly descriptive sales materials.
  • Target prospective domestic and international buyers or strategic partners through use of our extensive primary research and proprietary data resources.
  • Continuously communicate with our clients.
  • Create rational tools to quickly evaluate offers and track the negotiation progress.
    Lead the negotiation team to a successful completion of the transaction.


MASI recognizes that effective acquisition programs will be resource “time sinks”. This means a focused dedication of personnel to tasks and significant commitments to the process.

MASI works methodically and precisely to understand the strategy and goals of the buyer client. We initiate discussions, formulate acquisition criteria, identify acquisition candidates and assist in financial due diligence.

Even with the right team, the acquisition process will only be as successful as the quality and number of opportunities that are targeted and successfully negotiated and structured to become completed transactions.

Because an acquisition program can have multiple targets, it must be managed like a military campaign.

MASI can:

  • Review client’s previous acquisition and divestiture strategies and results.
  • Assist management in establishing an internal acquisition review team for quick action.
  • Develop guidelines for identifying and evaluating prospective targets.
  • Provide extensive domestic and international “on the ground” contacts for potential targets.
  • Access MASI’s extensive proprietary data sources and relationship contacts.
  • Identify and contact target companies.
  • Create a rational method by which to rank acquisition candidates.
  • Determine alternate transaction structures.
  • Perform preliminary due diligence investigations.
  • Develop negotiation strategies and lead the negotiation team.
  • Identify and assist in securing financing as necessary.
  • Facilitate negotiations to achieve the desired result.