Selected Deals

Digital and Fiberoptic Telecommunications

  • Target
    65% stake in Acentic Holding GMBH
  • Our Role
    Advisor to seller
  • Seller and Location
    Acentic Holding GMBH, United Kingdom
  • Activity
    Provides in-room digital entertainment and services in hotels
  • Acquiror / Investors and Location
    Philweb Corporation and ISM Communications Corporation, Philippines
  • Activity
    Provide information technology, telecommunications and gaming expertise
  • Description of Transaction
    Advised Acentic on identifying relevant trade buyers particularly in the hotel PayTV market. The controlling stake in Acentic owned by GI Partners, a leading private equity firm focused on asset backed investments in North America and Western Europe, was acquired for a cash consideration of US$28.5 million. The remaining 35% of Acentic will continue to be owned by Niantic Holdings GmbH, a German company controlled by Dr. Andreas Jacobs of the renowned chocolate family.